Frontline Series: The Facebook Dilemma


Since Facebook’s inception and meteoric rise as a social community and sharing platform, the promise was to connect and unite us as a global community. But has the Social Media giant done more divide us? Frontline presents a 2-part investigative report to tell us what they found: “The promise of Facebook was to create a more open and connected world. But … Read More

Cyber war: An inside look at how tech giants are fighting hackers


One of out every 130 emails contains malware and there 4,000 ransomware attacks every day, according to experts. So how are American’s top tech companies working to keep users safe? NBC’s Tom Costello takes a look inside Microsoft’s forensics labs and cybersecurity centers to get the details. WATCH VIDEO.

Chinese economic theft


China’s ongoing cyber war against the U.S. has been underway for decades. Intent on stealing intellectual property from private industry, China’s hacking and spying fuels its economic prosperity. On this episode of CyberChat, host Sean Kelley, former EPA CISO, discusses the Chinese military’s for-profit ventures with Joshua Philipp, an investigative journalist at the Epoch Times, which covers national security and … Read More