Chinese economic theft


China’s ongoing cyber war against the U.S. has been underway for decades. Intent on stealing intellectual property from private industry, China’s hacking and spying fuels its economic prosperity. On this episode of CyberChat, host Sean Kelley, former EPA CISO, discusses the Chinese military’s for-profit ventures with Joshua Philipp, an investigative journalist at the Epoch Times, which covers national security and … Read More

When Russian hackers targeted the U.S. election infrastructure


Russian operatives launched a widespread cyberattack against state voting systems during the 2016 presidential election. Former officials say no votes were changed but an Election Day attack could have created chaos at the polls. The U.S. intelligence community has concluded there is no doubt the Russians meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, leaking stolen e-mails and inflaming tensions on … Read More

Cybersecurity and The New Era in Global Competition


Every organization is unwittingly grappling with Asymmetrical Hybrid Warfare.   The top threat to National Security and the American Dream is the likelihood of weak cyber-security protection. As a result, most organizations are highlighting the importance of maintaining a strong security against threats that can confiscate vital information and jeopardize public safety. To counter the attack, organizations are investing in … Read More