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$500 billion in innovation and trade secrets are secretly stolen from U.S. companies each year.

This critical investment in innovation is meant to drive revenue, profit and jobs for an average of 10 years, causing the true loss of $5 trillion every year to economic espionage. The rapid pace of change, advances in technology and a global, always-on business environment provide a highly charged atmosphere for theft.

Adversarial nation-states have developed decades-long national programs to steal innovation from U.S. companies and to fuel their economies. Over the years, these programs have become massive, brazen and increasingly effective – all while being stealth under the cover of digital technology and deployment of all aspects of spying. U.S. Companies continue to lose sizeable revenue opportunities and jobs while others have simply gone out of business due to new competitors quickly creating much cheaper products leveraging stolen trade secrets.

Today, U.S. Companies are finding it next to impossible to defend against armies of well-trained adversaries spread across the Cyber and Human (insider spies, external spies, carelessness) spectrum. Executives, Boards, employees, contractors and supply chains are systematically and constantly stalked for their weakest links to access to trade secrets and innovation.

Years ago, BLACKOPS leadership recognized the need for a special operations type firm that teamed America’s top experts from each of the critical disciplines required in defending U.S. Companies against economic espionage. The most effective protection had to be sweeping, cutting-edge, 360 degree and client-specific. A product-only solution for every client has proven not to be the answer and simply cloaks the issue.

The most effective protection had to be sweeping, cutting-edge, 360 degree and client-specific.BLACKOPS

America’s elite executive thought-leaders from the U.S. Government’s premier national security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies, combined with information security, technology and management consulting industries partner with senior executives and Boards to blend and augment existing staff. We strengthen and enhance our clients’ security position across the spectrum, often transforming security into competitive advantage. Our global industry-leading intelligence and research powers our teams with the latest in adversarial strategy, threat advances and our intelligence-based mitigation practices.



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