Army Cyber Institute: “The Secret War Against the United States”


ARMY CYBER INSTITUTE WEST POINT The Cyber Defense Review  “The Secret War Against the United States” The Top Threat to National Security and the American Dream Cyber and Asymmetrical Hybrid Warfare An Urgent Call to Action Read the full Cyber Defense Review on Download the PDF. ABSTRACT Imagine if Pearl Harbor had been attacked and there had been no … Read More

The Hydra of Russian Information War Against the United States


Article by Khatuna Mshvidobadze, Adjunct Professor of Cyber Security at Utica College   Most of Soviet intelligence, defector Yuri Bezmenov told a 1980s western audience, is a “slow process which we call either ideological subversion, active measures or psychological warfare.” Bezmenov knew all about it from his days with the Soviet press agency Novosti, which was thoroughly intertwined with the KGB’s … Read More

Sharing Classified Cyber Threat Information With the Private Sector


Critical infrastructure companies cannot protect themselves from adversarial nation-states without federal assistance. The U.S. government should create a classified network to share information on cyber threats with private companies critical to the economy.   Introduction The U.S. government and private industry have been stuck at an impasse concerning cybersecurity information sharing for over a decade. While the Barack Obama administration rolled … Read More

Ways your technology is already spying on you


It’s been revealed the CIA has a range of hacking tools to break into phones, apps and other devices. Feeling worried? You might be directing your fear into the wrong place, because your devices are probably already monitoring you. Right. Now. What? How? Where do we begin? Let’s start with your smartphone. Not only have you likely given away a … Read More

Hybrid COE: Addressing Hybrid Threats


Hybrid threats have become the 21st security challenge for Western countries. They reflect significant change in the nature of international security. Change tends to increase feelings of insecurity and, historically, frictions in society, all the more so because hybrid threats are complex and ambiguous. Some people look to the past for answers, while others have forgotten the past. There are those who argue more vigorously for adapting to change, and there are those who try to defend the status quo. In some cases facts turn into views, opinions and perspectives – or worse, vice versa. This means that the picture of the security environment is not simply black or white. It is complex, multi-layered and multi-dimensional. Thus, analysis of what has changed, how it is changed and what does it mean for democratic states is at the core of understanding the nature of the current security environment in Europe.

Russians Posed as ISIS Hackers, Threatened US Military Wives


PARIS — Army wife Angela Ricketts was soaking in a bubble bath in her Colorado home, leafing through a memoir, when a message appeared on her iPhone from hackers threatening to slaughter her family. “Dear Angela!” the Facebook message read. “Bloody Valentine’s Day!” “We know everything about you, your husband and your children,” the message continued, claiming that the hackers … Read More