Army Cyber Institute: “The Secret War Against the United States”


ARMY CYBER INSTITUTE WEST POINT The Cyber Defense Review  “The Secret War Against the United States” The Top Threat to National Security and the American Dream Cyber and Asymmetrical Hybrid Warfare An Urgent Call to Action Read the full Cyber Defense Review on Download the PDF. ABSTRACT Imagine if Pearl Harbor had been attacked and there had been no … Read More

China’s Vision of Victory


Dr. Jonathon D.T. Ward‘s China’s Vision of Victory a is landmark book on Chinese global strategy. A ‘must read’ on the Chinese Communist Party’s true intentions in dealing with America and our Allies.  It brings together numerous primary sources, both contemporary and historical, unveiling the grand strategic vision of China’s leaders, laying out the ambitions of the Chinese Communist Party … Read More

CSIS: Gray Zone Project


The United States is being confronted with the liabilities of its strengths. Given the significant costs of engaging the United States in combat, and the growing range of indirect and non-military tools at their disposal, rivals are seeking ways to achieve relative gains without triggering escalation. From fake news and online troll farms to terrorist financing and paramilitary provocations, these … Read More

America Should View China (and CCP) as a Hostile, Revolutionary Power


Like cholesterol, great powers can be good, in that they accept the present international order, or bad, in that they do not. China does not, and seeks to overturn the contemporary order the West created. This is the source of what is already the great conflict of 21st century. China is not a status quo great power. But as important … Read More

Texas Man Convicted of Stealing US Marine Tech to Benefit Beijing Regime


A federal jury in Washington has convicted a Texas man of conspiracy to commit theft of trade secrets in order to transfer dual-use marine technology to the Chinese regime and its state-owned companies. Shi Shan, 54, a naturalized U.S. citizen living in Texas, was convicted following a nine-day trial, according to a July 29 press release from the U.S. Department of Justice. He was acquitted of … Read More

Survey: Only Half of Organizations Believe They Can Stop Cyber Attacks | Business Wire


CyberArk Report Also Finds Agility and Automation Initiatives May Lead to ‘Credential Creep’ and Increased Privilege-Related Risk NEWTON, Mass. & PETACH TIKVA, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to a new global survey from CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR), 50 percent of organizations believe attackers can infiltrate their networks each time they try. As organizations increase investments in automation and agility, a general lack of awareness about the existence … Read More