Army Cyber Institute: “The Secret War Against the United States”


ARMY CYBER INSTITUTE WEST POINT The Cyber Defense Review  “The Secret War Against the United States” The Top Threat to National Security and the American Dream Cyber and Asymmetrical Hybrid Warfare An Urgent Call to Action Read the full Cyber Defense Review on Download the PDF. ABSTRACT Imagine if Pearl Harbor had been attacked and there had been no … Read More

Cybersecurity A Growing Investment Consideration


Alongside the more traditional measures such as earnings per share, P/E ratio, dividends, and yield, cybersecurity has recently appeared on many investors’ radar as one of the newest criteria for company valuation. For some institutional fund managers and private investors, understanding a company’s security posture and risk management strategy is an essential element of thorough investment due diligence. The Impact … Read More

‘Emperor’ stocks soar in China as Xi cleared for indefinite reign


SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Chinese speculators pounced on stocks with “emperor” in their name on Monday, after the ruling Communist Party set the stage for President Xi Jinping to stay in office indefinitely. The party proposed on Sunday to remove a constitutional clause limiting presidential service to just two terms in office, boosting prospects of Xi remaining in power after the … Read More