DOJ Confronts Chinese Infiltration With String of Spy Arrests


Uptick in prosecutions shows focus on tackling China’s IP theft Stealing innovations from the United States is a key part of the Chinese regime’s bid to become a global competitor in high tech. The campaign to steal information is aggressive; Chinese spies now make up about 90 percent of perpetrators in U.S. espionage cases, according to the Washington-based think tank Center for … Read More

Hybrid warfare: the new face of global competition


Businesses and governments targeted by cyber attacks, subversion and espionage.  Scott Tait, retired US Navy Captain and managing director, BlackOps Wargame Group. It is alternatively called “grey zone” conflict and is in the news almost daily. Yet the main focus to-date of “hybrid warfare” — which uses non-military means to achieve warlike ends — has predominantly been on tactical methods … Read More

China’s Vision of Victory


Dr. Jonathon D.T. Ward‘s China’s Vision of Victory a is landmark book on Chinese global strategy. A ‘must read’ on the Chinese Communist Party’s true intentions in dealing with America and our Allies.  It brings together numerous primary sources, both contemporary and historical, unveiling the grand strategic vision of China’s leaders, laying out the ambitions of the Chinese Communist Party … Read More