The West’s China blind spot


The West has a blind spot when it comes to China’s technological advances. What’s happening: Again and again, the West has shown that it misunderstands China’s true competence in the technologies of the future — artificial intelligence, quantum science, robotics, and more. Alternatively under- and over-estimating China’s progress, the U.S. and Europe are left simply unmoored in terms of tracking their … Read More

The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Security Program Needs Intelligence Personnel


During the past decade, many corporate security divisions have made tremendous strides to evolve as a key component of their company’s organizational strategy and growth. Whether a company’s security program is in-house, outsourced or a hybrid of both, the leading global security executives and decision-makers are acutely aware of how to effectively leverage the resource capabilities of intelligence professionals within … Read More

Time running out to stop China’s new cold-war aggressions


World, we have a problem. Though governments and populations would prefer to deny it, the reality is that we have entered a new cold war, and it threatens to end more violently than the last one.   Expressed more accurately, the United States and other countries in the West no longer can avoid joining the cold war that China has been … Read More

BlackOps Partners Announces INVICTUS Wargame Group


WASHINGTON DC – 01-15-2019 “Business Is Now War” As Leaders Face Unprecedented Risk BlackOps Partners Corporation has established the INVICTUS Wargame Group to address the top threat facing business leaders: nation-state supported competition, hybrid adversarial strategies, and the rampant theft of intellectual property. Global competition has changed dramatically causing leadership teams to now face unrecognized threats posed by adversarial nation-states … Read More

U.S. CEOs Are More Worried About Cybersecurity Than a Possible Recession


With markets uncertain, many onlookers might think a recession is on the way, whether that’s most CFOs in the world or voters in the United States. But domestic CEOs don’t find heavy economic headwinds their biggest external business worry, according to a new survey by the Conference Board. Instead, it’s cybersecurity followed by new competitors. Risk of a recession is third. After high-profile data breaches … Read More