BLACKOPS teamed America’s elite executive thought-leaders from U.S. intelligence, technology, federal law enforcement, information security and management consulting to provide unmatched intelligence, expertise, up-to-the-minute security strategy and operational execution to our clients.

Board Of Directors

T. Casey Fleming
Chairman and CEO
Cybersecurity professional_winner
Chairman and CEO, Strategic Security Partners
Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting
Founding Managing Director, Cyber Division, IBM
Eric Qualkenbush Director, Office of Central Cover, Central Intelligence Agency, retired
Director, Training and Education, Central Intelligence Agency
Michael Weston Assistant Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, retired
Managed Counterintelligence, Economic Espionage, Insider Threat Operations
Anthony Chapa Assistant Director, United States Secret Service, retired
Chief Technology Officer, United States Secret Service
Directed Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF)
Dan Woodward President, Electronic Data Systems
Founding Vice President and General Manager, Cyber Division, IBM
Tom Ayers CEO, ABB Wireless Communications Systems
Senior Vice President, McAfee Security
Senior Vice President, BlueCoat Systems

Board of Advisors

AIG       EDS       WELLS FARGO       USMC       HP       ALLIANZ       US-CERT       WHITE HOUSE
Erik Matson
Head of Advisory
Allianz, U.S. Operating Entity Executive
President, The Americas, AIG
Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force, retired
Head of BLACKOPS Insurance Industry Group
General David Garza Major General, United States Marine Corps, retired
Inspector General of the Marine Corps
Director, Marine Corps 2025 Strategic Vision Group
Chief of Staff, United States Marine Corps Southern Command
Head of BLACKOPS U.S. Government Agency and Defense Industry Groups
Amar Manzoor Industrial Warfare Expert
CEO, 7Tao Engineering, Ltd
Author of The Art of Industrial Warfare
Doug De Peppe, LLM, JD Principal, eosedge Legal, a global CyberLaw firm
CyberLaw advisor to US-CERT
White House Cyber Initiative Attorney
Cyber JAG Officer, Unites States Army
Head of BLACKOPS CyberLaw and Legal Industry Groups
Steve Hammonds Vice President, Chief Information Officer, HP Enterprise Services
Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer, EDS
Group VP, Chief Information Officer, General Motors Acceptance Corp.
Head of BLACKOPS Technology Industry Group
Gerry Czarnecki Chief Executive Officer, Deltennium Strategies
Chair, National University System, Board of Trustees; Chair, Audit Committee, Jack Cooper Enterprises
Chair & Founder, National Leadership Institute; Chair Emeritus & Founder, NACD Florida Chapter
NACD Board Leadership Fellow and Faculty Member; Carnegie Mellon, Software Engineering Institute, CERT Certificate in Cybersecurity Oversight
Head of BLACKOPS Board Leadership & Governance Group
Mark Stanton Senior Vice President, The Americas, Wells Fargo
Senior Vice President, Societe Generale
Head of BLACKOPS Financial Services Industry Group


IBM CYBER        AT&T        HP        DELOITTE        EDS        GOOD TECHNOLOGY
T. Casey Fleming
Chairman and CEO
Chairman and CEO, Strategic Security Partners
Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting
Founding Managing Director, Cyber Division, IBM
George McCausland
Chief Engagement Officer
Director, Strategic Consulting Group, Deloitte Consulting
Chief Information Officer, SPX Incorporated
Chief Information Officer, Code Alarm Incorporated
Mike Masterson
Chief Intelligence Officer
Chief, Intelligence, United States Cyber Command
Military Intelligence Branch Chief, United States Army
Commander, Special Troops Battalion, United States Army
Amar Manzoor
Hybrid Warfare Expert
Hybrid and Industrial Warfare Expert
CEO, 7Tao Engineering, Ltd
Co-Author of SPECTRE; Author of The Art of Industrial Warfare
Designer of the world’s foremost strategy, hybrid warfare, and war games simulation exercise
Alex Shea
Chief Cyber Intelligence Officer
CEO of leading global DarkNet Intelligence firm
Advisor to Fortune 500 on Cyber risk mitigation strategies
Advisor to U.S. agencies on Cyber Intelligence, HUMINT, Cyber hacking, and methods
Steve Conners, PhD
Chief Architect
Chief Technology Officer, Strategic Security Partners
Managing Director, Cyber Technology Division, IBM Global Services
Chief Technology Officer, Tivoli Systems
Dan Petter
Chief Information Security Officer
Director, Global Secure Systems, AT&T Corporation
Senior Vice President, Security Products, Venali
Vice President, Product Security, Good Technology
John Barrett
Chief Financial
Chief Financial Officer, Strategic Security Partners
Chief Financial Officer, Hewlett-Packard – The Americas
Chief Financial Officer, Electronic Data Systems
Susan Vinci
Chief Marketing
Senior Vice President, Marketing, Good Technology
Vice President, Consumer Desktops, Gateway Computer
Senior Director, Marketing, HP/Compaq
Michael Andrews
Chief Counsel
Chief Counsel, Strategic Security Partners
Chief Counsel, CapWest Securities
General Counsel, American Bancshares