Coronavirus Is Killing China’s Factories (And Creating Economic Chaos)


From The National Interest: This looks like the end of China’s central role in global supply chains. A microbe in China—and the response of a totalitarian government—is killing it. Americans are angry. “I was on the phone with leaders from several hospitals in New York, and they told me that they had contracts with Chinese companies where they were waiting on … Read More

America Should View China (and CCP) as a Hostile, Revolutionary Power


Like cholesterol, great powers can be good, in that they accept the present international order, or bad, in that they do not. China does not, and seeks to overturn the contemporary order the West created. This is the source of what is already the great conflict of 21st century. China is not a status quo great power. But as important … Read More

Texas Man Convicted of Stealing US Marine Tech to Benefit Beijing Regime


A federal jury in Washington has convicted a Texas man of conspiracy to commit theft of trade secrets in order to transfer dual-use marine technology to the Chinese regime and its state-owned companies. Shi Shan, 54, a naturalized U.S. citizen living in Texas, was convicted following a nine-day trial, according to a July 29 press release from the U.S. Department of Justice. He was acquitted of … Read More

It’s Not a ‘Trade War’ – China is Waging ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ Against Us


We are told a “trade war” has started with China and investors are panicking. They point to President Trump’s latest tariff hikes and China’s retaliatory ones to justify  massive sell-offs on Wall Street and Chinese markets yesterday. In fact, the PRC has been at war with the United States for decades. Unfortunately, that war is not restricted to China’s aggressively … Read More

Economic Espionage: Zheng and Zhang Fleece General Electric


The week of April 15 saw the unsealing of the indictment of Xiaoquing Zheng and his co-conspirator Zhaoxi Zhang on multiple counts of economic espionage associated with the theft of the intellectual property of General Electric. Zheng previously had been arrested in August 2018, and the attendant criminal complaint highlighted the sum and substance of the theft of GE’s technology … Read More