The Art of Asymmetrical Warfare ®





The Ultimate Method of Advanced Attack & Defense Strategies





  • Increase Competitive Dominance
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase 360 Degree Awareness
  • Expand Awareness at All Levels
  • Transformational Platform
  • Cement Your Team
  • Break Down Internal Barriers
  • Permanently Boost Morale
  • C-Levels, Boards, Officers, Staff
  • Culture of Confidence
  • Take Your Organization Past the Next Level
  • Empower the Individual

Your people are busy.
Are they busy working on the right things
for the future of your organization?

Your people are busy.
Are they busy working on the right things for the future of your organization?

⊕  The most effective economic / asymmetrical warfare system ever designed
⊕  Find the vulnerabilities in your organization to immediately reduce risk
⊕  Quickly take your team, organization and strategy to the higher level
⊕   Adversarial strategies of economic attack reverse-engineered into numerous powerful defense and counter-attack methods
⊕  Turn the tables on the masters of reverse engineering, giving you the ultimate means to continuously defend yourself and organization against economic attack
⊕  A system designed and proven to address today’s unprecedented economic and hybrid warfare
⊕  Defense strategies to quickly reduce costs throughout the organization
⊕  Attack strategies to enable you to fend off multiple attacks and capitalize on global market opportunities
⊕  Takes the synergy of both individual and team effort to the next level in your organization
⊕  Brings out the best in each individual and the team through high pressure asymmetrical warfare simulations
⊕  Reduces or eliminates unproductive silos and internal barriers
⊕  Increases ability to dominate through elevated economic and cyber warfare with heightened awareness and proven strategies
⊕  Marked growth of transactions, elimination of waste, and penetration into previously unattainable marketplaces
⊕  Infectious motivation across your entire organization
⊕  Developed in partnership with the British Asymmetrical Warfare SpecialOps Team

“If I hadn’t witnessed it myself, I never would have believed it’s power or results. Our executive team and staff were excited to participate. It resulted in sharp and permanent increases in productivity, empowerment, awareness, and trust. It’s part of our overall strategy today.”Fortune 10 CEO
“Many global companies are paying lip service to strategy, risk assessment, analysis, etc. – but it’s not really being done. My impression the first time I saw Invictus, I was really shocked. It’s a very different and powerful tool in thinking about business and staying competitive. It’s a must for every executive suite and organization.”Global 100 CEO

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