The business environment is now like the military environment:
‘Business is War’

Download BlackOps Partners’ INVICTUS Wargame Brief.

Today’s key threats are strategic: they require all-of-enterprise solutions, not an IT-only focus or one-off fixes.

“If I hadn’t witnessed it myself, I never would have believed its power or results. Our executive team and staff were excited to participate. It resulted in sharp and permanent increases in productivity, empowerment, awareness, and trust. It’s the foundation and ongoing part of our overall strategy today.”

– Fortune 10 CEO

“The war with Japan had been enacted in the game rooms at the Naval War College by so many people and in so many different ways that nothing that happened during the war was a surprise – absolutely nothing, except the Kamikaze tactics toward the end of the war.”

– Admiral C.W. Nimitz

“Many global companies are paying lip service to strategy and risk – it’s not really being done. My impression the first time I saw Invictus, I was shocked. It’s a very different and powerful tool in thinking about business and staying competitive. It’s a must for every executive suite, board, and organization.”

– Global 100 CEO

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  • Wargame at the strategic layer
  • Understand your business in context of modern threats
  • Trains players in critical thinking
  • Evaluate decision-making under stress
  • Draws necessary input from each level
  • Reveals hidden risk and opportunity
  • Draws out unstated assumptions
  • Can be used to test any strategic decision
  • Aligns teams and builds trust
  • Learn to survive and thrive