What Is Wargaming?

Wargaming: A Proven Technique For Risk Reduction

  • Used by the world’s most effective militaries since the 1870’s
  • A dynamic, competitive simulation that allows leaders to experience potential futures now
  • Comprehensive assessment of the environment: Vertical, Horizontal, Direct, Indirect threats
  • Simultaneous evaluation of people, technology, organization and communications
  • Early warning of emerging risks; identification of forward-looking indicators of risk
  • Best before crisis strikes, but also very effective to manage crises in-situ

A Host Of Collateral Benefits

  • Often uncovers significant hidden opportunities
  • Helps develop strategic Branch (“Plan B”) and Sequel (what comes next) plans
  • Reveals 2nd and 3rd order consequences of actions
  • Improves team performance: post-game they are pre-tested, experienced and aligned
  • Elevates your business in context of modern threats
  • Trains players in critical thinking
  • Aligns teams and builds trust

Historical Case Studies Provided On Request

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