Why You Need Wargaming

The Business Environment Is Now Like The Military Environment

  • International legal protections are eroding or gone, particularly in the Cyber realm
  • Companies are faced with draconian espionage and theft of innovation, IP, trade secrets, and sensitive data
  • Nations are actively assisting favored companies, and significantly undermining their competitors
  • Technologies that can disrupt infrastructure, cyber, finance, supply chains and markets can now be fielded by non-state actors
  • Today’s threats are strategic and require all-of-enterprise solutions, not IT, HR, Ops, or ‘one-offs’

This Is Not Just Random Or Criminal Behavior

  • The most serious threats are coordinated efforts of a grand strategy between governments and companies
  • If criminals are involved, they often have the protection of their host government
  • This activity is accelerating as China, Russia, Iran, N. Korea and others seek to re-shape and control the international order to their benefit

Your Company Is At High Risk If:

  • You have research, innovation, IP, trade secrets, or sensitive data
  • You are an iconic brand; you are in advanced technologies (every industry); you invest in R&D
  • You, your suppliers or your customers rely on the internet, infrastructure, or international law
  • You are growing fast or disrupting your industry
  • You or your suppliers do business with or have operations in China or Russia
  • You are not trained in the new global competitive model: Unprecedented Risk
  • Have an outdated corporate strategy or cybersecurity strategy that does not include adversarial strategies and tactics

Military-Like Threats Require Military-Like Counters: Wargaming

The cyber landscape is constantly evolving.

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